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Launch Camp coaches and guest mentors are experienced entrepreneurs, educators, and developers.

Shane Skikne - Launch Edu, CEO

Shane Skikne has unknowingly been an entrepreneur since elementary school. From charging his classmates to watch him play on his Gameboy, to running a snack service in middle school, to making and selling unique hand-made chocolates in college, he has constantly been on the lookout for ways to create value for other people. He continued to shape his understanding of entrepreneurship at Olin College and by working at startups such as HelpAround, SoftArtisans, Facebook, and CyPhyWorks. In addition, he got into the education space by designing introductory robotics programs for kids at the Museum of Science in Boston. Now, he is combining these two interests to figure out how to get students to be entrepreneurs.

Ariana Chae - Launch Edu, COO and CueThink, Designer

Ariana Chae is an engineer-turned-designer who thrives on working with others to come up with creative solutions to real world problems. Her passion lies at the intersection of education and technology, whether it is figuring out how to improve public education through the use of emerging technologies or thinking about the climate of engineering education. Previously, Ari worked at various edtech startups including Alleyoop, Brightloop, CueThink, and School Shaped. She is excited to now add entrepreneurship to the mix to bring middle and high school students the experience and challenge of running their own businesses. In her spare time, Ari likes to drink coffee and hang out with artists.

David Gaynor - Classadoo, CEO

David attended Olin College of Engineering where he created and taught the school's first student led course, on web development and entrepreneurship. After graduating he worked at Twitter for two and a half years, before leaving to found School Shaped and then Classadoo. In 2015 he was given the opportunity to teach a two week intersession course at Design Tech High School. He decided to teach a condensed Olin College course. The resulting program, Two Week Business eventually evolved to become Launch Camp.

Guest Mentors - CEOs, Designers, Engineers and Artists

In addition to our coaches, we have guests mentors who visit the program to talk about their experiences and advise the teams. Our guest mentors have a range of backgrounds. Some started their own companies, while others work at the big tech companies. Some went to top engineering schools, while some never went to school. Some make art, while others make truffles. Overall, our eclectic group of mentors bring wisdom and passion to inspire the students and help them achieve.