Session One
Design Tech High School, Millbrae
June 20th - July 1st, 2016

"Launch Camp has offered me more experience in real world situations than anything I could've learned sitting in a regular classroom"

Alex T.


permanent businesses launched

All eight of our students will be continuing with a business after camp - either Lux Wooden or The Woodways. The companies have made over forty sales of their wooden gifts to individuals and businesses online, in person and over the phone. Place an order today!


businesses prototyped

Students learned to build success from failure as they quickly prototyped, sold and gathered feedback for multiple business ideas online, on the streets of Burlingame and in Downtown San Francisco.

Mood Food

Group meals, organized for you.

Send Mood Food the culinary preferences for a group and they'll send back a reservation and meal reccomendations.
Lessons Learned: Mood Food tested their idea by organizing two dinners. They found that it was difficult to choose a good restaurant - online menus were often out of date and it was hard to know how good specific dishes were going to be.

Urban SOS

Tourist essentials, when you need them

Visting San Francisco? Sign up for Urban SOS to receive on-demand water, snacks, tours or themed gifts to wherever you are in the city, within 10 minutes.
Lessons Learned: After trying to gather feedback from multiple visitors downtown, Urban SOS learned that most tourists are dubious of any product that specifically targets them as a tourist. With little time to iterate on marketing strategies the team decided to put the idea on hold.


Beautiful Wooden Mousepads

Express yourself at your desk. Zapwood sells wooden mousepads with your custom design.
Lessons Learned: Through their first sales, interviews and research Zapwood found that two groups use mousepads: Gamers and Designers. Zapwood's mousepads are engraved with a laser, so they are slightly textured, making them less than ideal for both of their user groups - who need smooth surfaces for precise movements. Given this, they decided to refocus their efforts on their other businesses: The Woodways and Luxwooden.

Hang Tight

Planning group hang outs for teenagers.

For teenagers, hanging out with friends is complicated. Between finding a time that fits everyone's schedules and coordinating transportation - usually provided by parents - many plans simply fall through. Add Hang Tight to your group chat and they'll make sure your hang out works out.
Lessons Learned: After one trial event, and multiple interviews with parents and teenagers Hang Tight concluded that while there was a need for this product, they needed to figure out a better user interaction. They decided pause work on the idea to focus on their other project: The Woodways.

Dendrite Ticket

Tutoring that students are excited about.

Dendrite Ticket offers tutoring which personalizes both the style of teaching and the material being taught.
Lessons Learned: Based on interviews with students and parents the team learned that subject matter was less of a concern for their target group - elementary and middel schoolers. Intead they learned that to engage students lessons should incorporate physical activity in addition to traditional tutoring.

Four Jewelry Junkies

Handmade Fashion Jewelry

Four Jewelry Junkies designs and crafts unique wire Jewelry.
Lessons Learned: After crafting and selling their first products the team realized that going from design to creation was more difficult and time consuming than they expected. They decided to focus on honing their jewelry skills before continuing work on the business.


new entrepreneurs

Our eight high schoolers built the confidence and skills which will enable them to create real value for the world.

"Through Launch Camp I learned that doing things outside of your comfort zone is really fun and rewarding"

Sam K.

"I loved hearing from guest speakers. The insight and experience that they shared was eye opening"

Lauren P.

"Launch Camp taught me that everything around you is a valuable resource and that no matter what it is, you can get something out of every experience."

Drew C.

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