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There is growing indication that the world needs people who can create jobs, not fill them. Technology is replacing existing fields, while global changes create new problems to be solved. Traditional schooling produces students that are knowledgeable but unprepared to solve ambiguous problems in this dynamic world.

We created Launch Camp and its sister programs, Two Week Business and Launch Studio, to be authentic crash courses in impact. They empower students to take immediate action and enable them to benefit from the result. Most students will make money by the second day, many will have a sustainable business by the end of the session.

There are no grades - students keep their profit and know time wasted is money lost - but we do provide key supports:

Students form teams with friends and peers who share their common interests. We coach them through resource management, collaboration, communication, and design thinking to help each team launch and grow their business. Our experienced coaches are complemented by visiting entrepreneurs who provide teams with personalized guidance. Read more about our coaches and visiting entrepreneurs here.

We give each team $100 and access to top of the line laser cutters, 3D printers, and more. Our facilities are also centrally located allowing students to test and sell their products with real people.

Launch Camp coaches are experienced entrepreneurs. Students benefit from their personal network of founders, designers, engineers, and artists.

"Too often young people believe they have to wait until adulthood to put their ideas in action. Two Week Business takes students from dreaming about their futures to testing out their ideas in the real world."

Dr. Wendy Little, Director of Student & Community Transitions, Design Tech High School

"Launch Camp is a wonderful opportunity for young people to develop entrepreneurial skills that will serve them for their lifetime and strengthen their college admission applications."

Charles Nolan, Founding Dean of Admission, Olin College of Engineering

Our students don't quit after two weeks, and neither do we.

Two Week Business teams that we continue to support: