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A Day at Camp with Anna

Anna is a fictional, incoming 11th grader, but she's based off a real student from a previous program.

9:00 AM

Anna arrives at camp and joins the morning "standup" meeting. This meeting is focused on keeping students abreast of what other teams are working on, while building critical skills like listening, reflecting, and communicating.

9:15 AM

Anna and her team discuss the day's priorities and continue yesterday's work until their 11am check-in with their coach. Anna and her team, Startup Tours, are creating a service that allows paying high school students to visit local startups.

11:00 AM

Anna's team meets with their coach, David, to go over questions and progress. David listens, facilitates, and takes notes on the team dynamic in order to give feedback at their next meeting.

11:15 AM

Anna and her team take a break to grab a snack from Smooth Moves, a team that is running a smoothie bar.

11:30 AM

Anna's team attends a short guest speaker session featuring Cameron Ellis, one of our visiting entrepreneurs. Afterward, teams continue working while Cameron meets with a few groups to provide specific feedback.

12:30 PM

One of the coaches accompanies Anna's team to a popular shopping area down the street to interview potential customers. One high schooler they interview expresses interest in touring Launch Camp - they have their first customer.

2:00 PM

While her team follows up with the customer they acquired earlier, Anna attends a break-out lesson on setting up a website. There she develops immediate skills that she can apply to the Startup Tours site or her own projects.

3:30 PM

Anna's team joins the rest of the camp for the afternoon standup where they reflect on salient moments from the day. One of her teammates heads home while Anna and the rest stay for "Crunch Time" - unstructured work time with access to coaches and tools.