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High Schoolers! This summer, don't get a job.
Make a job.
Found a profitable business in two weeks with Launch Camp.
Check out the results from last year's Launch Camp!

There is growing indication that the world needs people who can create jobs, not simply fill them.

We created Launch Camp to be an authentic crash course in impact. It empowers students to take immediate action and experience real world results. Most students will make money by the second day and many will have a sustainable business by the end of the session.

We started with an Olin College of Engineering entrepreneurship course that helped students create value through real world action.

We turned that into a half-day intersession at Design Tech High School. The class takes students from nothing to business in two weeks. Our students have consistently given the course high ratings each session.

Now, Launch Camp is an 80 hour intensive experience, designed to help participants achieve even more ambitious results. Come see what you can do in just two weeks.

For two weeks we provide:

Experienced coaches +

Top of the line equipment

Ariana Chae

CueThink, Designer

David Gaynor

Classadoo, CEO

Shane Skikne

Launch Edu, CEO

to produce impressive results




Reviews for Launch Camp:

"[My son] was exposed to the early stages of starting a business. From thinking of an idea to bringing it to life, and much of the in between. Speaking with and listening to others who have started their own business was an eye opening experience. I see that he is encouraged, intrigued and eager to find his own path."

Parent from Launch Camp 2016

"I learned a lot about how to pitch myself in person and via phone. I also learned that doing things outside of your comfort zone is really fun and rewarding."

Julie, Launch Camp 2016 Alum

“I learned that everything around you is a valuable resource, and that no matter what it is you can get something out of every experience.”

Calvin, Launch Camp 2016 Alum

A session lasts two weeks, the network lasts forever.

We support Launch Camp graduates as they grow their businesses, apply for college, and stay connected with friends from their cohort.

Teams that we continue to support:

Enrollment Closed for 2017.